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New exhibits: 2016-05-21: Added CV2381 BWO CV113 crystal valve
Stats: 1768 on the website, 12 coming soon.

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Voltage regulator -- Other valve -- Current regulator -- Voltage reference
Thyratron -- Ignitron -- Excitron -- Cathode ray tube -- Camera tube -- Image converter
Photocell -- Photomultiplier -- Tuning indicator -- Display/Indicator -- Counter / selector
Magnetron -- Klystron -- Travelling wave tube -- Backward wave oscillator
Heil tube -- TR cell -- Other microwave -- Trigatron -- Trigger tube/spark gap
Surge arrester -- Relay / switch -- Noise diodes and sources -- Gauge -- Sensor
Light source -- Glow modulator -- Strobotron -- GM tube -- Semiconductor diode
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More collection reduction! Offers invited for any or all the German collection, see here. I need to make room for some more CV types and someone else can hopefully take these guys. There are some useful types there.

Latest additions

Added CV113 crystal valve CV2381 BWO
Added ATS250 transmitting tetrode AT250 transmitting triode
Added CV5403 / N1033 TWT
Added VT30 transmitting triode
Added CV3710 / AR63 excitron
Added ATS70 transmitting tetrode
Added CV6044 / GC10B/L
Added CV2316 photomultiplier
Added CV8463
Added CV516 CRT
Added CV9994 beam tetrode
Added VX8123 VX8121