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5734 mechano-electronic transducer (triode)

This valve measures 20x7mm overall and has 4 leads

This valve works by the angular displacement of the anode rod causing a change in distance between the grid and anode, with the resultant change in anode current. The part of the anode shaft inside the valve body has a minimum free cantilever resonance of 12kHz, and thus the valve can measure vibration up to that figure.

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current150mA
Max anode voltage300V
Max anode current5mA
Max anode dissipation400mW
Max heater cathode voltage±90V
Typical conditions
Amplification factor (1)20
Anode resistance (1)72k ohms
Transconductance (1)275 micromhos
Anode current (1)1.5mA
Load resistance75k ohms
Deflection sensitivity (2)40V/degree; 2300V/radian
Moment of intertia of anode (3)3.4 milligram/cm2
Rotational compliance of diaphragm (3)0.0013x10-3 radian/dyne cm; 0.075 degree/gram cm

  1. For anode shaft in undeflected position
  2. Average change in voltage across 75k ohm anode load resistor when the anode shaft is deflected from -0.5 to +0.5 degree. The plane of deflection of the anode shaft must coincide with the plane through terminal no.5 and the axis of the valve.
  3. Based on external anode-shaft length of 1/8" and the centre of the diaphragm as pivot.

7Cathode + internal shield

Rod view
Mounted view
Above and below: view of the valve mounted in a phono pickup
Mounted view

Top quarter view Bottom quarter view

Donated by Bill Wagner

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