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CAT3 cooled anode transmitting triode

This valve measures 650x170mm overall (68mm across the glass). The anode section measures 280x50mm.

This is a liquid cooled anode triode with a bright emitter tungsten filament. Water cooling at not less than 2.5 gallons per minute is required. The anode and filament seals require air cooling, and there needs to be air blast cooling of the grid seal as well. See also CAM3

Filament voltage18 to 20V
Filament current50A approx.
Max anode voltage10kV
Max continuous anode dissipation5kW
Total emission (90% saturation)5A
Amplification factor *40
Anode impedance *10k ohms
Max input (wavelengths > 100m)10kV / 1A
Max input (wavelengths down to 15m)8kV / 1A

*: At Va=10kV, Vg=0

Markings on the valve indicate 18.4V filament for 5.3A emission at 90% saturation. The serial number is 255.

Top view
Above: Filament leads and air cooling connection. Below: Internal structure.
Inside view

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