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LSD3 strobe lamp

This lamp measures 84x33mm overall and has a 4 pin base

This is a flash tube for use in portable photographic flash applications. It was introduced in the 1960s. The tube is filled with low pressure xenon gas.

Min anode to cathode breakdown voltage3kV
At Va=2500 and energy discharge = 100 joules:
Flash duration100µsecs
Peak light output35 megalumens
Total light output3000 lumens-secs
Luminous efficiency30 lumens/watt
Effective tube resistance3 ohms (approx)
Limiting values
Max energy discharge100 joules
Anode voltage limits2000 to 2700V
Peak trigger voltage limits4000 to 8000V
Min time between flashes at 100 joules10 secs
Operating conditions
Anode voltage (V)Capacitance (µF)Energy discharge (joules)

Donated by Keith Stickland; information provided by Frank Philipse and Keith Stickland.

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