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EEV "Sensitive element type H" Ozotron

Size This device measures 67x37mm overall and has 6 pins, 4 of which have tagged leads attached.

This device is an ozotron - see here for further details of these devices. See also the Type J device.

This device carries the markings 4027 and 7333 on the glass. Around the base it is marked IC (Anode, inner cylinder), IH (heater), OC (Cathode, outer cylinder) and OH (heater). The construction is of two concentric cylinders, the inner one being heated by the heater.

See pictures below. The base has a hole in the centre (where the exhaust tip might be found normally). The metal cylinder runs up to a glass tube which is sealed through the envelope at the top and open at the end. Inside this glass tube a metal rod is attached which runs down inside the metal cylinder.

Heater voltage 5.5V
Heater current 7A
Anode voltage 200 to 250V
Air flow rate (nominal) 250cm3/min
Max anode current in clean air 12µA


Seneitive element type H

Quarter view

Above: view of the device showing the glass tube and metal cylinder. Below: The base of the device.


Below: the metal cylinder.

Inside view

Below: view of the glass tube and the rod held in the end.


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