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Westinghouse Radiotron VU71 / 10E/11529 fullwave rectifier

Size The valve measures 135x50mm overall and has an octal base with 5 pins fitted.

The commercial prototype is U52 and the CV equivalent is CV1071.

Filament voltage 5V
Filament current 3A
Max applied RMS voltage 500V
Max working PIV 1350V
Max no-load PIV 1500V
Max mean DC rectified current 250mA
Max peak anode current 750mA
Max reservoir capacitor 16µF
Min limiting resistance introduced externally 75 ohms


Pin Function
1 n/c
2 Filament
3 No pin
4 Anode
5 No pin
6 Anode
7 No pin
8 Filament

The text on the base reads Westinghouse Radiotron Licensed by Thermionics Ltd Patented 1927 - 1944.

Top quarter view Bottom quarter view

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