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VW36 / 10E/9851 triode

Size This valve measures 104x44mm overall and has a B4 base.

This is a selected VR22. The CV equivalent, CV1036 indicates that these valves were matched in sets of three for use in wavemeters. The valve had markings on top but these cannot be read now. These markings would have been the serial number of the wavemeter the valves were used in. This valve carries the markings C.2628 and 10.7MMF on the glass.

Filament voltage 2V
Filament current 200mA
Max anode voltage 150V
Mutual conductance * 4.0mA/V
Amplification factor * 16
Anode impedance * 4k ohms
Average anode current (Va=150, Vg=-4.5) 10mA
Optimum load 9k ohms

*: At Va=100, Vg=0.

Pin Function
1 Anode
2 Grid
3 Filament -ve
4 Filament +ve

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