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1B42 spark gap modulator

Size This device measures 130x55mm overall.

This is a spark gap for radar modulator use, designed for shipboard use. It uses mercury as the cathode.

Pulse repetition 160 to 1500pps
Max peak current 300A
Max pulse duration 6.1µs
Max microcoulombs per pulse 1280
Voltage range, 2 gaps 9 to 11.4kV
Voltage range, 3 gaps 10.5 to 17.1kV

Three gaps in series will switch between 800kW and 1.4MW into high power triodes. The operating parameters for three gaps is 10.5 to 17.1kV at 200A for 6µs at 180pps, or for 1.5µs at 600pps.


Bottom quarter view

Top quarter view


Donated by Bill Wagner

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