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1B59 glow modulator

Size This valve measures 72x31mm overall and has an octal base with only two pins fitted.

The 1B59 is an cold-cathode actinic crater glow modulator, on an octal base with just two pins fitted. This was used in fax machines and half-tone scanners.

In the military it was used in the AN/USA-23 Surveillance Recorder Sub Assembly, which was part of the AN/AAS-14 (and A and B) Infrared detecting set (a part of AN/UAS-4).

Crater 0.06"
Min luminance 170,000 cd/mˆ2 @ 30mA
Current 5 - 35mA
Breakdown volts 225V max
Running volts 150V
Modulation rate 15kHz max.


Pin Function
1,2 no pin
3 Cathode
4, 5, 6 no pin
7 Anode (should be marked by a red dot)
8 no pin

Also known as R1130B

1B59 top view 1B59 base

Inside view  R1130B
Left: internal view of the 1B59; right: a Sylvania R1130B showing an extra internal mica and flattened glass 'top' (picture courtesy of Mike Wijnants)

Sylvania example above, EEV below.


Thanks to Roy Johnson and Ludwell Sibley for information

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