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Farnsworth 1P25 infrared image converter

Size This device measures 115x38mm overall and has 7 pins


This is an infrared image converter tube. It consists of a semi-transparent photocathode and an electrostatic focussing system.

Operating range
Anode 1 10V
Anode 2 10 to 200V
Anode 3 (focus) 350 to 750V
Anode 4 4 to 5kV


Pin Function
1 Anode 4
2 n/c
3 n/c
4 Cathode
5 Anode 1
6 Anode 2
7 Anode 3

NB Pin 4 is marked as A1 in documentation, but is shown as 0V ground.

Top quarter view Bottom quarter view

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