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6324 commutator tube

This valve measures 142x125mm overall

This is a collector type magnetically focused and deflected radial beam tube intended for high speed commutation or switching. It is capable of handling 25 channels for transmission over a single carrier in multiplexed applications.

The tube has 25 grids and anodes; the grids are brought out individually while the anodes are all connected together.

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current300mA
Max anode voltage500V
Typical operating conditions
Anode voltage300V
Screen grid voltage77V
Space charge grid18V
Channel defining post voltage50V
Single channel peak anode current310µA
Screen current4.7µA
Channel defining post current28µA
Space charge grid current1.7mA
Single channel transconductance80µmhos
Single channel grid bias for anode current cut-off-4V
Field140 gauss

See also 6170

Inside view
Top view
Above: Top view of the device, showing the 33 individual connector posts.
Below: Bottom view, showing the lead entry and seal
Bottom view

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