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Raytheon CK1414F10C character generator

Size This device measures 280x58mm overall and has a 14 pin base (12 fitted)

This is a cathode ray tube used for generation of characters and symbols. Output signals are generated by scanning the symbol on the target.

Heater voltage 6.3V
Max anode, target and collector voltage 2850V
Max focus voltage 1100V


Pin Function Pin Function
1 Heater 8 D4
2 Cathode 9 Anode
3 Grid 1 10 D2
4 i/c 11 D1
5 Focus 12 n/c
6 no pin 13 no pin
7 D3 14 Heater
Side cap Collector End cap Target

D1 to D4 are the deflecting electrodes

Closeup of the screen


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