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CV6 / CV1135 / E1148 / VT232 VHF oscillator triode

This valve measures 87x32mm overall and has an octal base. 

Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 0.2A
Max anode voltage 250V
Max anode dissipation 3.5W
Anode current * 14mA
Mutual conductance * 3mA/V
Cag 2.15pF
Cge 2.15pF
Cae 0.8pF
*: At Va=250, Vg=-5.5

Pin Function
1 n/c
2 Heater
3 no pin
4 n/c
5 n/c
6 no pin
7 Heater
8 Cathode
TC1 Control grid
TC2 Anode

CV1135 / ARP135
CV6 VT232
There are two different internal arrangements in these valves, with vertical or horizontal structures. The valve shown to the left has the vertical arrangement and is just marked CV6, the valve on the right has the horizontal arrangement and is marked VT232 and E1148 (this particular one is made by Hytron).

A slight variant in internal structure can be seen in this Philco version, where the whole electrode structure is positioned very high within the envelope.

See also 7193.

CV6 getter shield There are also different getter arrangements to be found. Here a mica shield can be seen between the getter and the electrode assembly.
CV6 cup getter Shown here is a cup-shaped getter, facing downwards, presumably aimed at keeping the getter off the electrodes.
CV6 tray getter Another getter variant, this time shaped like a tray.
CV6 internals Here the internal structure can be seen - this example having a more traditional wire getter carrier.

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