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CV878 octode

This valve measures 67x30mm overall and has a B8G base

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current150mA
Max anode voltage300V
Max grid 3 and 5 supply voltage300V
Max grid 3 and 5 voltage100V
Max grid 2 supply voltage300V
Max grid 2 voltage200V
Max anode dissipation1W
Max grid 3 and 5 dissipation300mW
Max grid 2 dissipation750mW
Max cathode current13mA
Max positive grid 4 voltage0V

3Grid 2
4Grid 1
5Grid 3 and 5
6Grid 4


Donated by John Kaesehagen

This file was last modified11:18:12, Wednesday May 27, 2015

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