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GE FP54 space-charge grid valve

Size This valve measures 155x35mm overall and has a 4 pin base

This is a space-charge grid valve designed to have a very high input resistance and a very low grid current. It is designed for amplification of direct currents smaller than about 10-9A and can measure currents as small as 5x10-18A.

Filament voltage 2.5V
Filament current 90mA
Typical operating conditions
Anode voltage 6V
Control grid voltage -4V
Space-charge grid voltage 4V
Anode current 60µA
Control grid current 10-15A
Input resistance 1016 ohms
Amplification factor 0.9
Anode resistance 45k ohms
Control grid - anode transconductance 20 micromhos


Inside view Inside view Inside view

Donated by Bill Wagner

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