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New exhibits: 2018-07-25: Added CV2483 microwave attenuator; CV2460 corona stabiliser;
Stats: 1831 on the website, 56 coming soon.

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Voltage regulator -- Current regulator -- Other valve -- Voltage reference
Thyratron -- Ignitron -- Excitron -- Cathode ray tube -- Camera tube -- Image converter
Photocell -- Photomultiplier -- Tuning indicator -- Display/Indicator -- Counter / selector
Magnetron -- Klystron -- Travelling wave tube -- Backward wave oscillator
Heil tube -- TR cell -- Other microwave -- Trigatron -- Trigger tube/spark gap
Surge arrester -- Relay / switch -- Noise diodes and sources -- Gauge -- Sensor
Light source -- Glow modulator -- Strobotron -- GM tube -- Semiconductor diode
Transistor -- Other solid state -- Other device -- Awaiting classification

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The more interesting valves that have been removed from the collection are now held as PDFs here

Latest additions

Added CV2460 corona stabiliser; CV2483 microwave attenuator;
Added CV2461 corona stabiliser; CV9025 pentode; CV9444 TR Cell; CV2215 thyratron;
Added CV1152 to NR15A; CV1268 to NU20; CV1220 triode; CV4515 klystron; CV1281 pentode; CV460 TB Cell; CV1448 triode; CV1407 beam tetrode;
Added CV10404 tetrode; CV8286 beam tetrode; CV2752 tetrode; CV458 TR cell; CV459 TR cell; CV2826 TR cell; CV592 pentode; CV2943 rectifier;
Added CV1363 tx triode; CV1827 magnetron; CV312 rectifier;
Added CV308 klystron; CV1858 spark gap; CV1859 spark gap; CV1841 TR cell; CV347 double diode triode;