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Size This CRT measures 200x68mm overall and has a 12 pin base

This is an electrostatic deflection and focus CRT with symmetrical deflection. It is based on the VCRX22, similar to the VCR139A but with better quality focus and focus uniformity. The CRT also carries the marking AP53162

Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1.1A
Max 1st and 3rd anode voltage 1.5kV
Average working anode 2 voltage 250V
Working beam current 3 to 5µA
Screen GGN35


Pin Function Pin Function
1 Cathode 7 Y2
2 Modulator 8 X2
3 Heater 9 Anode 3 + graphite
4 Heater 10 X1
5 Anode 2 11 Y1
6 no pin 12 no pin

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