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NSP1 strobotron

Size This valve measures 105x31mm overall and has a 4-pin UX base.

Ferranti call this a Neostron. It is a cold cathode tetrode arc discharge valve. The cathode is designed for pulse operation and is capable of passing currents between 5 and 250A peak. Developed primarily as a stroboscopic light source they are equally suitable for other uses where short duration pulses of very high peak current are required. The NSP2 is the same valve but with an octal base.

Length of arc 24mm
Max anode voltage 380V
Min anode voltage 220V
PIV 350V
Max mean anode current 100mA
Max peak anode current 250A
Trigger voltage (static) 80 to 130V
Max average grid current 10mA
Max flashig frequency 250 per sec


Pin Function
1 G2
2 Anode
3 G1
4 Cathode

Donated by Bryan Lonsdale

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