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VW48 / 10E/10585 tetrode

Size This valve measures 126x45mm overall and has a B4 base.

This tetrode is based on the 215SG. The valve carries the serial number C16056, and 452V in a circle near the top cap.

This would have been one of a matched set of three valves, the specification stating that the outer packaging says "for use in Wavemeters".

Filament voltage 2V
Filament current 150mA
Max anode voltage 180V
Max screen voltage 80V
Mutual conductance 1.1mA/V
Anode impedance 300k ohms
Amplification factor 330
Cag max 0.005pF


Pin Function
1 Screen grid
2 Control grid
3 Filament -ve and metallising
4 Filament +ve
TC Anode

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