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ZZ1030 / STV500/01 quad voltage stabiliser

This valve measures 52x20mm overall and has a B9A base

Min supply voltage for all 4 elements in series640V
Min supply voltage per element160V
Max voltage between elements1000V
Max anode current5mA
Ambient temperature range-55°C to +85°C

1Anode 4
2Cathode 4
3Anode 3
4Cathode 3
6Anode 2
7Cathode 2
8Anode 1
9Cathode 1

The structure of this device is four separate voltage regulators held within an evacuated glass envelope. Each element consists of a glass tube connected directly to the base. The relevant base pins for each run directly into the glass tube. The tubes are sealed at the top and supported in mica. Pin 5 is listed as no connection but in fact connects to the getter ring.

See also ZZ1031

Inside view

The glass carries the additional marking U9009602

ZZ1030 / STV500/01

Donated by John Kaesehagen and Gerhard Weber

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